A venture studio crowdfunding campaign, a Monte Carlo venture studio model, 5 new CEO roles and 5 new venture studios
December was stronger than November, but weaker than prior months
2023 investment themes, another PE-backed venture studio, 3 new venture studios and 5 new startups

December 2022

A few bearish signals, PSL's thesis on generative AI, 50+ CEO roles, 5 new studios and 54 new startups
New startups and themes where venture studios are recruiting CEOs and EIRs
Weak month for venture studio startups overall
A studio of studios, 4 new CEO roles, 6 new ventures studios and 8 new startups

November 2022

Analysis of 1,800+ investments in venture studio startups
Fractal Software milestone, Blue Cross looking for a pilot partner, industry metrics, AI studio investment themes, and 7 new EIR roles
October was a strong month for venture studios and their startups
Johns Hopkins looking for a venture studio partner, an ideation rubric, another celebrity backed venture studio startup and 5 new studios

October 2022

Venture studio enters the rollup space, a new term for venture studios, a customer discovery tool, and 4 new studios